I had never seen or thought much about miniature horses.   But the ranch where we boarded our horses had a little guy named Dusty.  The day I saw him I could not get over how cute and friendly this little guy was.  I decided that if I was going to get a mini, he/she should look like Montana.  I went on an internet search and found a little cutie in Tennesse.  Packed up a  rented minivan with shavings and off we went. She makes everyone smile and has grown int a real cutie.  One of our goals is to the turn her into a Therapy Horse.  


No one told me that you cannot keep one horse alone.  So… off we go to find Shoni a best friend.  Search far and wide and the next thing you know we are on our way to Missouri to pick up our new buddy, Timber.  He is still so tiny … he simply never grew!  He’s a mini-mini! He is friendly, fast and the first one to give a hug when you go out to the barn.