Rescued from Denver Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center, Franktown CO

I met “Smiles” (now Montana) and knew immediately he was my horse.  It was love at first sight.  I got terrible news that he was unadoptable, the equine center decided to keep him.  I cried.  Two months passed and I heard a rumor that they may “consider” allowing me to adopt him.  I called immediately.  I wanted him!  He was delivered two days later.  He walked off the trailer, looked at Winter and gave a whinny.  He was home and he was going to be with his best friend again!  He just looked like a Montana to me.  He was big, beautiful and strong.  He is the most wondeful animal I ever met.  He has kind eyes, big long eye lashes and such a curious nature.  

When we met Montana we crossed paths with a gray mare named Nickle.  She was very shy, skiddish and nervous when she met anyone but walked up to Scott.  They spent a few minutes alone privately and when he turned around to look at me it seemed that he had met a friend.  Everyone thought she was a star and would make a wonderful horse for us.  He agreed and we did the paperwork the next day.