If you have not yet experience the damage that chipmunks are capable of causing it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your house from them. There is no doubt that they are adorable and fun to watch but they are also a pest in your house. They can damage your plants, dig burrows and cause structural damage. That’s why you must prevent them from entering your home and get rid of them.

You not only need protection against chipmunks but other pests as well such as ants, chiggers or pests that infest horses. But, here, we will only talk about protecting your home and garden from chipmunks. 

Preventive Measures

  • Maintain a Clean Yard

The first step in preventing chipmunks from entering your home and causing damage is to make sure there aren’t any fruits, berries, or nuts lying on the floor. Because chipmunks are attracted to food and areas that offer shelter your priority should be to eliminate these. Pick your fruits as soon as they ripe and keep your yard open, neat, and clean.

  • Build a fence

The second thing you need to do to keep chipmunks away from your yard is to build a fence. You can create a fence around each plant or the whole garden by using hardware cloth or wire mesh. You can place ¼ inch hardware cloth around plants and flowers. You can also place an L-shaped barrier that would exclude chipmunks away from the home’s foundation. You have to make sure that the fence or the barrier is dug deep inside so chipmunks won’t be able to burrow underneath.

  • Protect bird feeders

Chipmunks feed on the ground so the seeds spilled from the bird feeders are of huge attraction for them. Use bird feeders that don’t spill easily and place them at least 15 ft. above from the ground and away from any structure so that chipmunks can’t get into them. Clean spilled seed every day or use the seed to which chipmunks are not attracted.

Getting rid of them

  • Set traps

An efficient chipmunk control method is the use of traps. 

  • Live traps

You can use a live trap which is usually small in size (around 10 to 20 inches in length). Use the one with small wire mesh so they won’t escape from the small openings. You need to place the trap where chipmunks have caused the most damage. You also need to attract them towards the trap, so use peanut butter and apply it to the trap’s trigger plate. Keep a constant look on the trap and when you see a chipmunk is trapped locate it as soon as possible, away from your home to a suitable habitat. This method is only effective if you have only a few chipmunks running in your yard. If there are too many of them you will need to adopt other strategies.

  • Snap traps

If you want to get rid of the chipmunks immediately you should consider using a snap trap. A snap trap, in most cases, would kill the animal, that’s how it works. You should keep it away from your kids and pets, as it could be harmful to them. You can use peanut butter as bait and place it on the trigger

Before you use a trap you must also check local and state regulations to determine whether or not the use of traps is legal. 

  • Use Chipmunks repellants

Repellants could prove to be very effective in excluding chipmunks from your property. They aren’t much effective alone but in some cases, repellants could be of great benefit. They are important to make your house less appealing to chipmunks. You can apply repellants on plants, bird feeders, bulbs, and structures and their smell will keep chipmunks at bay. 

One problem with repellants is that chipmunks eventually get used to their smell. So you need to use different types of repellants so they won’t get used to them. Another thing to consider here is that repellants will wash away after a while allowing chipmunks to return.

  • Electronic Repellants

Electronic repellants are a great measure to repel or remove pests. These repellants work by using ultrasonic waves to prevent tiny critters from entering your garden. As these repellants are chemical-free you can use them to protect plants, vegetable gardens, mulch beds, trees, flowerbeds, etc.

There are no specifically registered repellents for chipmunk control so you can use squirrel repellents that would be equally effective on chipmunks as well.

Follow these ways and hopefully your house and garden will be protected from chipmunks for good. You can buy chipmunk repellent from stores around you or online. Make sure to do enough research about the products and then choose one.

If you want to learn natural ways to get rid of chipmunks then click on the link below: https://www.pestwiki.com/get-rid-of-chipmunks/