Montana and Winter

Rescued from Denver Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center, Franktown CO

I met “Smiles” (now Montana) and knew immediately he was my horse.  It was love at first sight.  I got terrible news that he was unadoptable, the equine center decided to keep him.  I cried.  Two months passed and I heard a rumor that they may “consider” allowing me to adopt him.  I called immediately.  I wanted him!  He was delivered two days later.  He walked off the trailer, looked at Winter and gave a whinny.  He was home and he was going to be with his best friend again!  He just looked like a Montana to me.  He was big, beautiful and strong.  He is the most wondeful animal I ever met.  He has kind eyes, big long eye lashes and such a curious nature.  

When we met Montana we crossed paths with a gray mare named Nickle.  She was very shy, skiddish and nervous when she met anyone but walked up to Scott.  They spent a few minutes alone privately and when he turned around to look at me it seemed that he had met a friend.  Everyone thought she was a star and would make a wonderful horse for us.  He agreed and we did the paperwork the next day.


As soon as our barn renovation was underway we saw mice.  No one wants mice in their barn and it is a constant battle.  It was time to get a mouser! Off to Craigs List to find our new cat.  Grabbed a cardboard box and drove about 7 miles East to Kiowa and with $35 in hand and bought our new barn cat.  Right from the start Teton had spunk.  He would not stay in the cat area we wanted to have him contained in.  He ran into the stalls of our largest horse, Montana.  He really had no fear and became part of the family quickly.  He then took over.  He had a cat house, he had cat toys, cat food and a fluffy blanket to curl up under.  Instead he made his way to the miniature horse stall and slept with them.  He then started riding them! We have the pictures and video to prove it.  He makes us laught daily and is very vocal!