Let’s Buy Ranch

In 2014, our family bought a simple little ranch in Elizabeth, Colorado.  We started a renovation project that has taken us more time, effort and energy than we could have ever expected.  Every empty stall is now filled with sweet, happy animals who call Snowfall Ranch home.  We have large horses, miniature horses, goats, lambs, micro pigs, a miniature donkey and a cat that hit the big time when our pet sitter captured him on the back of our donkey in a snow storm!  Teton, the cat, has now been featured on The DoDo, Peoplemagazine.com, Mashable and a slew of other websites.  People cannot get enough of this mouse chasing barn cat!


As soon as our barn renovation was underway we saw mice.  No one wants mice in their barn and it is a constant battle.  It was time to get a mouser! Off to Craigs List to find our new cat.  Grabbed a cardboard box and drove about 7 miles East to Kiowa and with $35 in hand and bought our new barn cat.  Right from the start Teton had spunk.  He would not stay in the cat area we wanted to have him contained in.  He ran into the stalls of our largest horse, Montana.  He really had no fear and became part of the family quickly.  He then took over.  He had a cat house, he had cat toys, cat food and a fluffy blanket to curl up under.  Instead he made his way to the miniature horse stall and slept with them.  He then started riding them! We have the pictures and video to prove it.  He makes us laught daily and is very vocal!

Let’s Redo A Barn

It looks easy on television when a makeover before is shown and in a half hour the final product is complete.  It is not quite the same when you are doing the makevoer yourself …and you have never done a barn makeover.  This is so little information on the web about makevoers on barns.  We had to make it up as we went.

Renovation Goals

1. Clean & Disinfect – the barn was unsafe for both humans and animals; and add automatic waters.

2. Remove broken gates, existing plywood and rake through all the dirt for glass, screws and nails.

3.  Replace all aluminum bars from stalls with wood

4.  Paint, replace, fix and update all existing wood